Eminence Bamboo Firming Fluid

Eminence Bamboo Firming Fluid


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐     1.2 oz  



    By Neddy: With dry and thirsty skin like mines, hydration is essential! Moisturizer alone doesn't cut it. In the past, I would layer at least three serums under my heavy moisturizer, followed by primer before putting on my makeup! Still, I would often have dry patches on my face, which lead to blotchy makeup and eventually NO makeup, as my skin would suck it up! (Yes, my skin was that bad.) Then Bamboo Firming Fluid showed up on the scene and flipped the script on my tired, dehydrated skin! Don't let the word "Fluid" fool you; the texture is not liquidy. Its a hybrid of sorts, as if serum and gel had a lovechild. Only two pumps were needed for my whole face and neck. Which means a little goes a long way. My skin is left feeling super silky, plump and tighter. Fine lines? GONE. I add a light moisturizer, and my skin is prepared for whatever I have in mind. And when that includes makeup, I don't even need a primer. Bamboo Firming Fluid is a game changer. Never leave me EVER!


    • Bamboo: contains soluble and insoluble fiber, antioxidants, proteins, vitamins and minerals
    • Coconut Oil: moisturizer, antioxidant; restores the skin's moisture barrier
    • Coconut Water: moisture and pH balancing, toning; contains electrolytes, vitamin C, calcium, potassium, phosphorus
    • Natural Retinol Alternative Complex: contains chicory root oligosaccharides and tara tree; smooths the appearance of wrinkles
    • PhytoCellTec™ Swiss Green Apple Stem Cells: plant stem cell concentrate; delays the appearance of visible signs of aging
    • Monoi: soothing and fragrant Tahitian oil; hydrates and firms the skin 

    For tighter looking skin, our Bamboo Firming Fluid is the answer.  The strengthening agents of bamboo and coconut deeply hydrate, with the help of a Natural Retinol Alternative and Swiss Green Apple Stem Cells.


    • Winner of Favourite Firming Serum, Aestheticians’ Choice Awards, Dermascope, 2018
    • Winner of Best Skin Serum, International Beauty Awards 2017, Natural Health UK, 2017