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Organic Botox?!

English Duchesses, former First Lady Obama, Madonna, and of course K. Kardashian (who bought the US licensing rights) all swear that this topical organic Botox gel, Biotulin helps reduce fine lines. But we say "WTF"? First, it contains hyaluron so yes, it's going to moisturize and plump skin appears less wrinkled. So far so good. But the active ingredient that is supposed to mimic Botox's tightening, firming and paralyzing effects is an anaesthetic herb called spilanthol - which actually RELAXES muscles! If anything, the words saggy baggy come to mind. To compare this to Botox is ludicrous. It's effects (if any) are temporary and probably don't deliver much beyond a good moisturizer. If you've got an extra $80 laying around, go ahead and give it a whirl. We'd rather not be lied to and save our money for the real deal. Our verdict: "FLUFF".

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