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Q: How Do I Avoid Ingrowns in My Bikini Area?

Question: Hi! I have a question regarding shaving. So I have been using mens razors AND I shave downwards in order to prevent any razor burns. I use aloe vera afterwards as well but none of that seems to be working because I always get red bumps on my bikini area. Now I know you ladies specialize in waxing, but I was hoping you would have some advice for shaving as well? Thank you! RazorBurn Sally

Answer: Beautiful Sally, Thanks for your question. We can definitely give you our two cents on the topic! Shaving, it is tedious and straight-up annoying at times, especially when those bright red bumps decide to crash the party! It seems you're taking extra special care to try to avoid it.

So, what are these bumps attributed to anyway? Well, lovely, welcome to pseudofolliculitis barbae! Also known as razor burn/bumps. Although we can do ALL in our power to combat this pesky phenomenon, sometimes the bumps still get the last laugh. So, what's happening? It’s your skin having a "WTF?" moment when it feels that it is being altered in any way which happens during shaving, plucking, even waxing. The follicles get pissed and then react by having an inflammatory response and voila, red, bumpy, itchy, aggravated skin. That's why we are advised to shave in the direction of the hair growth which softens tug and pull of the razor blade on the follicle. But sometimes that doesn't always work, because let's face it, the bikini area is sensitive and the hair in that area is coarser, so it's gonna put up a fight! Often times, the bumps disappear on their own, and other times they develop into ingrown hairs.

You didn't specify whether yours develop into ingrowns or not, but here are some tips:

1. Try using a razor with one blade. Always make sure the blade is new. Dull blades can irritate the follicle further. There are some single blade type razors for the bikini area like these that you might want to try.

2. You can also clean the area before shaving with this excellent body cleanser by Almond Clear, it features Mandelic Acid, which will not only gently exfoliate the area and remove buildup, but it has antibacterial and antifungal properties. They also have a body clearing treatment serum, but we'd suggest starting with the cleanser.

3. After shaving, calm the skin with an ice pack to prevent further inflammation or irritation.

4. Here's the thing about aloe, it can further irritate some sensitive skin types. Think about replacing it with this calming serum by a company called Whish Not only is it soothing and hydrating, but it's also a hair inhibitor, which means it slows down regrowth. So, you can rock that bikini a little longer between shaves.

5. A CLASSIC razor bump treatment product is Tendskin . You can use this to treat the bumps and help them heal faster. But don't use it right after shaving unless you’re masochistic and ready to enjoy a good scream.

We hope this helps Sally. Let us know how it goes! Skinthusiastically, Neddy & Tanis

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