The Magical Kansa Wand

This little bronze dome held on a wooden handle is making magic wherever it is waved.  Kansa (pronounced kahn-sah) simply means bronze which is an alloy, a blend of copper and tin. It is known in India, it’s homeland, as a “healing metal” and has been used for centuries for stress relief and to enhance well being.  Just now we are discovering how effective it is for face massage and beauty.  As it

Magically revitalizes the face and complexion

Evokes a greater sense of peace and ease

Brings life and light back to the face

Is great for men as it soothes the skin after shaving

Estheticians and clients alike are seeing a gentle lift, easing of fine lines and are loving giving and receiving the treatment. 

So how does it work? 

Gentle massage moves lymph which helps better cleanse our skin and reduces any kind of puffiness. 

It improves circulation.  More fresh blood into the skin brings more oxygen and nutrients so the skin looks and feels better nourished. 

Gentle friction, movements back and forth on the skin, reduce acidity and breaks down micro crystals that put crimps in our collagen that can result in the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.  Kansa unkinks your collagen!

But, our western science is only just beginning to acknowledging what eastern healing arts such as TCM (Tradtional Chinese Medicine) and Ayurveda have embraced for thousands of years.  That is, the body is more than flesh and bones - it is both energy and light.  Massage with the kansa wand works with this energy and turns on those lights giving us that glow of health and beauty.

It helps open marma points, centers in this energy network that help the body better attune to its needs.

It might stimulate piezoelectric in our collagen that brings energ